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Helping young women create brighter financial futures in a simple and unique way.

Joan Dyer, like a lot of her clients, wanted more. She wanted the freedom of owning her own business and working with the clients she enjoyed most. She believes that young women in their 20s and 30s are usually the financial underdog, which is mostly due to lack of confidence. There isn’t a lot of opportunity to receive help from “regular” financial planners because it’s just too dang expensive! Or they have to work with a broker, and their advice is often cloudy, costly and overly complicated — so many gals find that they aren’t any better off after their meeting than they were before! That’s why Joan set out to create a platform that is more affordable for younger clients and focuses on the emotions and issues women face when dealing with money. She enjoys working with young women and helping them discover and acknowledge what is most important to them. Unique, you say? Our focus is on education, rather than cranking out financial plans. Yes, others say this as well, but we do things a bit differently. To learn more about Simple Girl Online Courses, click here. Let us be your financial coach! We prefer to call ourselves “coaches” instead of “planners”, because it’s about more than just the numbers. We realize that a financial plan is way more than a pretty budget and investment charts, there may be deeper issues and emotions that you need to conquer before you can take yourself to the next financial level. To learn more about the Simple Girl Coach, click here.
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Make More Money

So, let’s say you like your lifestyle or would like to improve your quality of life, and don’t mind working harder for it.  Or maybe, you really don’t want to cut back, but know that you need to start saving for that big trip or the dreaded “r” word…retirement (ok, so maybe it’s not so […]

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Do You Need a Financial Advisor?

Before immediately jumping to the proverbial “yes,” let’s take a look at some pros and cons of utilizing a financial advisor. Pros They can stop you from making stupid mistakes.  We’ve all heard the saying, “buy low and sell high,” but because we have so many emotions tied to our money it is very hard […]

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Retirement Planning For Our Generation

Let’s start off by looking at what most people think of as a traditional retirement:  Retire at 65, live in your house that you recently paid off, maybe have a condo down in Florida, receive your monthly social security check, play golf most days, and bingo at the local Senior Center.  They have worked hard […]

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Stung by “Money” Bees

The other day I was out walking my dog, Elway, (my husband is from Denver so, naturally, we are huge Broncos fans) and we stumbled upon a shrub that was calling his name.  I let him sniff it for a minute too long and what do you know, a whole bee colony decided they were […]

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